Systems Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

Systems Engineering

P E Systems supports a broad spectrum of specialized engineering tasks, encompassing the technical support needed for system and subsystem integration, and assisting in translating user requirements into system requirements. We also perform technical and mission analyses of existing and potential operational requirements. Our engineers have demonstrated the skills and experience supporting and conducting engineering performance effectiveness, producibility, maintainability, reliability, technical and schedule risk assessments and conducting trade-off studies. Many of our engineers not only have advanced engineering degrees, but also training both in engineering and in scientific disciplines such as computer science and mathematics.

Artificial Intelligence

AI comes in many forms. P E Systems works to find responsible and valuable ways to incorporate AI into solving operational challenges. From the development of bots to relieve administrative burden and cut down on human error to the programing of systems to adapt performance to lessons learned, P E Systems continues to look to ways that AI can best support our evolving and dynamic customer needs.

Featured Case Studies