Best in Class


General Services Administration (GSA) contract with task orders potentially under many different agencies. See GSA’s OASIS website for more information.

Contracts with Merged Modifications

  • GS00Q-14-OAD-S427 (Pool 4); NAICS 541712, 500 Employees: All Research and Development (R&D) Codes not assigned to a different pool
  • GS00Q-14-OAD-S512 (Pool 5A); NAICS 541712, Exception B, 1000 Employees: R&D in Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment and Aircraft Engine Parts
  • GS00Q-14-OAD-S612 (Pool 5B); NAICS 541712, Exception C, 1000 Employees: R&D in Space Vehicles and Guided Missiles, their Propulsion Units, their Propulsion Unit Parts and their Auxiliary Equipment and Parts
  • GS00Q-14-OAD-S724 (Pool 6); NAICS 541712, Exception A, 1500 Employees: R&D in Aircraft

Individual Modifications by Contract


From the date of the Notice-To-Proceed through 5 years with 1 (5-year) option

Contract Type

Multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts

Description of Services


For more information on the P E Systems’ OASIS contract, please contact:

P E Systems Corporate OASIS SB Program Manager (COPM)
Scott Murray
937-425-0327 (W)
937-509-8939 (M)

P E Systems Corporate OASIS SB Contract Manager (COCM)
William “Doug” Cooper
Vice-President Contracts, Compliance and Ethics/COCM
703-246-9771 (W)
202-441-0850 (M)