P E Systems Fairfax Awarded Naval Communications Security Material System Public Key Infrastructure and Key Management Infrastructure Services Contract

On 29 September 2015, our Fairfax Division was awarded a single award contract as a subcontractor under OSI Vision, LLC to support the Navy Communications Security Material Systems (NCMS) PKI Department (N6). The requirement is to obtain Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) services in support of the Commanding Officer, NCMS at locations around the world. P E Systems employees will provide KMI and Local Registration Authority (LRA) on-site technical support at Joint Base Andrews, MD to assist in the protection of Class 3 DoD Certificates and Networks from unauthorized disclosure, theft, assault, or sabotage. Our KMI services are required to support the NCMS Operations Department (N3) by performing data entry and research through operation of KMI Manager/Client (MGC) workstations. The LRA collects, verifies, and submits information provided by potential subscribers for public key certificates. LRAs also revoke, suspend and restore electronic keys while controlling the registration process and validating the identification of users.