P E Systems Employees Enjoy Family Fun Night

PES Family Fun Night dinner

In the teaming tradition, P E Systems recently hosted its annual Family Night Out, a lively event to honor the dedication of its hard working employees. On October 5th, the celebration unfolded at the historic Young Jersey Dairy in Xenia, Ohio.

Young’s Jersey Dairy, with roots tracing back to 1869, boasts a rustic, and well preserved red barn built by the Young family’s relatives. Over the years, the farm has evolved into a multifaceted destination. The Dairy Store, established in 1968, serves delectable ice cream and has expanded its offerings to include sandwiches, sides, and breakfast items. Today, the site features a full-fledged restaurant, bakery, family fun park, and the picturesque Barnabe’s Walnut Grove—an ideal spot for group picnics. Activities at Young’s span from mini-golf, batting cages, and a golf range to a corn maze, hayrides, a kiddy park, and encounters with farm animals.

Doug Cooper at PES Family Fun night

The Family Night Out saw the convergence of leaders from P E Systems Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and local employees, all gathered to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Dayton office. Many participants donned throwback shirts from 1998, adding a nostalgic touch to the celebration.

Despite the persistent rain during this year’s event, the team stuck to the mission and immersed themselves in the festivities. Attendees relished delicious food and ice cream, with a few brave souls venturing into the wet weather for rounds of golf at the driving range and friendly competitions in the batting cages. Others sought shelter in the picnic area, enjoying each other’s company and seizing the opportunity to secure wristbands for future family visits.

Beyond the weather, the evening was a perfect occasion to unwind, relax, and strengthen the bonds within the P E Systems family. As colleagues shared laughs and created lasting memories, the Family Night Out at Young Jersey Dairy exemplified the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation that defines P E Systems.

PES Family enjoying Fun Night dinner