OASIS Program Management Services

P E Systems supports the analysis of program progress, interdependency of IMS tasks/sequences and recommends changes to schedule and organizational planning. We develop risk management strategies to ensure adherence to customer requirements. We implement earned value management to assess cost and schedule performance.

We provide project management expertise and guidance; assist in comparing program direction and guidance in program management directives, plans, and other program documents with current in-place contracts and identify discrepancies and recommend actions; assist in the preparation, review, and integration of selected milestone review documentation, periodic reports, and certifications and recommend and prepare changes; assist in reviewing Contractor deliverable status documentation, together with milestone schedules, status reports, and cost performance reports; contractor Master Plans and Integrated Master Schedules; determine accuracy of information/situation depicted, and report inconsistencies; assist in presenting specific briefings to Government and prime system Contractors; assist in reviewing program plans and other related documents and provide comments; assist in tracking progress and suggesting alternate approaches for projects behind schedule; assist in analyzing problems that arise in the performance of program tasks and recommend solutions; assist in performing systems analysis; and evaluate consistency with program milestones. Our acquisition management support includes providing guidance and expertise necessary to apply principles, criteria and procedures required by DoD as related to acquisition.