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    Acquisition & Program Management
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    Navy Lessons Learned Program
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    Norfolk, Va.; Manama, Bahrain; Naples, Italy; Yokosuka, Japan
Navy Lessons Learned Program (NLLP)

Goals and Challenges

The Navy Lessons Learned Program (NLLP) is designed to help the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) in Norfolk, Va., improve readiness and performance of six fleet sites in the full range of Navy and joint military operations. P E Systems supported the program at three of those sites, U.S. Navy Fleet Operations at Commander Fifth Fleet (c5F) in Manama, Bahrain; c6F in Naples, Italy; and C7F in Yokosuka, Japan. P E Systems provided management, analytical, and data collection support for the program.


P E Systems supported the NLLP from its inception in 1996 by the Chief of Naval Operations to 2019. In this capacity, we were integral in meeting the NLLP mission objective of serving as the only Naval program for collecting, validating, and distributing feedback on operations, exercises, and events of the Carrier Strike Group, Amphibious Readiness Group, and Independent Deployer for the purpose of maintaining readiness and maximum operational efficiency.

Program management is a complex, cross-domain, multi-site effort requiring intimate knowledge of Naval operations, a mindset of partnership, innovation, and continual improvement. P E Systems’ Fleet Site Senior Data Analysts brought intimate knowledge of Naval operations and the program and were fully integrated NLLP team members. P E Systems was integral to NWDC as it led advanced, cross-domain warfighting integration at all levels of naval warfare and enabled cross-Warfighting Development Centers (WDC) Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP), training, and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development.

“P E Systems was the ideal partner on the Navy Lessons Learned Program. They worked shoulder to shoulder with the NWDC Lessons Learned Department, U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF) Command, and the U.S. Pacific Fleet to support joint, multi-service, and coalition Lessons Learned communities.”

Someone at NWDC

Notation Achievements

  • P E Systems Fleet Site representatives enabled lessons learned information to be tagged with metadata to help disseminate it effectively and efficiently throughout training and assessments, avoiding knowledge gaps that can compromise operational and warfighting coordination and effectiveness.
  • We consistently responded to changing budgetary and geopolitical conditions while maintaining the highest quality standards for products and services and helping NWDC meet their mission objectives.
  • We helped ensure NWDC’s success in delivering real-time Lessons Learned support to the fleet