OASIS Engineering Services

P E Systems supports test and evaluation planning, technology development planning, the development of engineering documents including Technical Requirements Documents, Test and Evaluation Master Plans, System Engineering Plans, Capability Development Documents, Capability Production Documents, Configuration Management Plans, and Program Protection Plans among others. We incorporate appropriate security requirements into program documentation in order to ensure that security considerations are part of engineering solutions. We evaluate program information to develop test plans and technology solutions and provide comprehensive information assurance systems engineering. We support platform integration, systems requirements analysis, technical reviews, and configuration management review meetings.

We support a variety of Information Assurance (IA) activities related to Certification and Accreditation (C&A), DoD IA C&A Program (DIACAP), and DoD IT Security C&A Process (DITSCAP), as well as Security Vulnerability and Countermeasure Analyses and Security CONOPs. We support requirements management analysis, data collection, organization, and reporting. We assist in establishing and refining operational needs, attributes, performance parameters, and constraints that flow from customer capabilities, and ensure that all relevant requirements are addressed. We provide development and maintenance of modeling and simulation tools in support of the lifecycle process. We provide configuration and data management services including configuration identification, configuration control, and configuration audits as well as contract data management. We support reliability and maintainability activities, systems integration planning, trade studies, interface requirements development, development of alternatives, vulnerability analyses, documentation development and review, and systems development.