Wes King

CEO & President

As CEO, President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. King is responsible for the overall company management and operations as well as the strategic management that ensures customer care and service throughout the company. He is responsible for annual budget, and profit and loss results.

In addition, he supervises all Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and the Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. King has more than 40 years of engineering and management experience. Mr. King received a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and served for over 26 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring in 1985 as Lieutenant Commander. His service duties included Systems Engineering, Training, and Management assignments, both at sea and in shore billets. Assignments included Systems Engineering and Deputy Program Manager for the Navy’s Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) program, with annual budgets in excess of $117 million. In this capacity, he was instrumental in negotiating research and development contracts with Hughes Aircraft Co., ITT Avionics, Singer Kearfott (now BAE), Rockwell Collins Corp. and four naval facilities.

Following retirement from the Navy, Mr. King joined P E Systems as a Senior Engineer. He served as Program Manager for research and development of a unique crypto logic system for use in commercial applications in a P E Systems partnership with Western Union/Contel. In addition, he was Program Manager for a JTIDS system and network design application, as well as overseeing other information transfer system applications and served as Director of Business Development for C4I programs. In May 1995, Mr. King purchased, and became the president and CEO of P E Systems. In 1998, P E Systems acquired Summit Research Corp. Since these acquisitions, the companies have expanded their business and client base through acquisitions and internal growth.